Complete facilities

We provide high quality complete facilities. Our integral solutions allow us to cover all the industrial needs of your project

Turn-key Project, from design to installation

Our team of expert engineers is in charge of designing and executing piping installation projects that ensure an optimal and safe flow of fluids in your plant, with detailed calculation of flow rates, head losses, sizing of piping and cooling systems.

Filtering equipment

We implement advanced filtration systems to guarantee the cleanliness and efficiency of your industrial processes.

Customized cooling solution

We offer customized cooling solutions, either through cooling towers or chillers, to maintain precise temperature control in your facilities.

Electrical installation with HMI monitoring

We provide electrical installations, equipped with control and monitoring interface, for an intelligent and efficient management of your equipment.

If your project requires a special engineering, do not hesitate to contact us to receive the advice of our engineers in its design.

With more than 60 years of experience working for the main manufacturers in the metallurgical industry, we, at EUROMAQUINA, are experts in:

  • MANUFACTURING of new machinery and auxiliar equipment.
  • RETROFITTING: refurbishing, electronic upgrading, automation and compliance with applicable regulations, etc.

To know all the services we can offer you, just clic on this link:


What is Filtra4?

Filtra4 is the optimal filtration system to achieve a high degree of filtration and purification of industrial liquids.

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